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Teacher Remanded on Charges of Having Sex with Underage Students

Posted on November 30, 2019 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (21)


According to Loop News, a teacher who is employed to a school in St Elizabeth was charged for alleged sexual offences involving students. He was remanded in custody at his first court appearance earlier this week. The accused, 24-year-old Noel Tracey, was slappe...

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"Mi Wi Kill Yuh in Yah!" Female Teacher Tells Student in Class

Posted on November 22, 2019 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (21)

In this day and age, life is so fragile. Below is an article taken from Loop News reporting on a teacher and student who had an argument during class. The altercation was captured on video. I believe we are living in some very serious times and the teacher was right to behave in the manner that she did as students these days are carrying weapons to school and they are not hestitant to use those same weapons on teachers and other students. 

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Driver of Garbage Truck That Crushed Child at Primary School Charged

Posted on November 15, 2019 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (20)


On Monday, October 28th devastation struck at the Clan Carthy Primary School in Kingston. A garbage truck doing collection on the school grounds at about 4:30 pm was left unattended which resulted in it running off and slamming into a wall before overturning and...

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Jamaican Flag Gets Flown At New York Stock Exchange For The Second Time

Posted on November 8, 2019 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (20)

Wi little but wi tallawah! A photo has been circulating for the past couple days illustrating the incredible fact that the island’s stock market was the best performing stock exchange in the world in 2018. That is truly amazing! It is the second time we have acheived this feat, as we previous...

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Two Newborns Disposed Of In Pit Latrines One Week Apart!!!

Posted on November 1, 2019 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (20)

Warning this video is graphic as it shows the retrieval of a baby from a pit latrine.

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I do not know what is happening in this country and I am at a loss for words. A newborn baby was found in a pit latrine last w...

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Voter ID renewal exercise begins November 4

Posted on October 25, 2019 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (20)

As taken from The Jamaican Star:

Persons with voter ID cards that were issued before 2016 will have to visit Electoral Office of Jamaica offices to renew their cards. However, persons with cards issued between 2016 and 2019 do not have to visit an EOJ Office, as their ...

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