Should Vybz Kartel really be freed?

Posted by Vybz Queen on July 26, 2019 at 1:00 PM

On Wednesday a video was released online showing popular dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer leaving a hospital. He was wearing full white, his face covered by a towel and he was escorted by officers. Now this is becoming a regular occurance as it is alleged that he is suffering from a thyroid condition. 

Watch the video below. 

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What I would like to discuss though is all the support he received in the comments from the video. Out of hundreds of comments all saying #freeworldboss or something similar, one person stood out to me. She did not go along with the masses. Her comment stated "I love world boss just as much as any other fan but this man is a murderer. Why should he be free because he is an artist how can Jamaica ever be a good place if it seems that artists shouldn't go to jail. What if it was your family you all wouldn't be saying to free him."

Her comment really got me thinking because I myself have been one of the persons desperate for him to be released. But the truth is he did commit a heinous crime. And if it was someone we knew personally we would want him locked up for the rest of his life. So is it that artists are above the law? Should they not be punished too? Or is it that we believe he did not get a fair trial and we believe he was sabotaged and set up? Is one life more important than another?

I am sure the family of the victim is still in mourning. They lost a loved one. Sometimes before hopping onto the bandwagon we need to open our eyes and be completely neutral parties. I'm sure many of us would fail if we were ever placed on jury duty as we could not remain impartial.

As much as we love Vybz kartel and we enjoy his music should he not be in prison for murder? If all the evidence was straight forward and there was no tampering would we then be satisfied? Would we be still screaming freeworldboss?

What are your thoughts on this? Share with me in the comments below.

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Reply Kayla
3:40 PM on August 15, 2019 
He should be given a fair trail.
Reply K
11:05 PM on August 1, 2019 
All of that evidence should have been thrown out. He should have never been sent to jail
Reply Jeng
9:07 PM on August 1, 2019 
I can bet a lot Jamaicans aren't thinking of it this way . Jamaican ppl don't like to use their brain
Reply Grace
8:59 PM on August 1, 2019 
They did not prove that he was guilty , the dates in the phone were altered and a lot of people sing about things they never did. Look at Tupac and biggie
Reply Ramon
8:57 PM on August 1, 2019 
They did not have enough evidence. The police created evidence to convict him. On that basis he should be free
Reply Abby
7:39 PM on August 1, 2019 
That's not right of all those people. if he did something bad he should have to stay in jail no matter what
Reply Tequilla
5:14 PM on August 1, 2019 
Reply Lexy Mc
5:13 PM on August 1, 2019 
Well I'm strongly believe that if an individual is guilty of a crime they should be punished to the full extent of the law.
Reply Nick
4:16 PM on August 1, 2019 
The government would make so much money off his release. Like the Buju concert and the world boss would bring out an even bigger crowd
Reply Nadia
4:01 PM on August 1, 2019 
Commit the crime do the time
Reply Shawna
3:59 PM on August 1, 2019 
If he Didn't want to go jail he should never have committed the crime and brag and boast about it all have the evidence on his phone and make song about it
Reply MsKitty
3:28 PM on August 1, 2019 
God know i love kartel too enuh but this is true
Reply Mr Readalot
2:57 PM on August 1, 2019 
No-one should be given a free pass for killing another human being. He deserves any time he got and he needs to complete it all.
Reply Teejaytheboss
11:48 AM on August 1, 2019 
#freeworldboss straight he's been in there too long freedom time
Reply S. H
11:01 PM on July 31, 2019 
I never thought of it this way
Reply Lacky
10:27 PM on July 31, 2019 
He took someone's life he deserves to be in prison
Reply Tami
10:23 PM on July 31, 2019 
Jesus Christ him black eeh no bleaching cream doh de a jail
Reply Sabrina
8:30 PM on July 31, 2019 
The people that are desperate for him to be freed are hypocrites because if he had murdered someone they knew they would want him to rot in jail or worse
Reply Lorna L.
3:45 PM on July 31, 2019 
Gaza we seh. I mean he did commit a crime but the boss needs to be free and making music.
Reply Ray
2:43 PM on July 31, 2019 
He must pay the price of his misgivings