The Bahamas Devastated By Hurricane Dorian, Jamaicans Claim They Are Undeserving Of Our Help

Posted by Vybz Queen on September 14, 2019 at 12:25 AM

The Bahamas was recently completely destroyed by Hurricane Dorian which penetrated the island for almost two days. Hurricane Dorian tore through the island, destroying everything in her path. The storm rampaged the Bahamas with Category 5 winds up to 185 mph (295 kph) and relentless, unyielding rains, flooding neighborhoods and destroying or severely damaging properties and infrastructures. Preliminary estimates are that nearly half the homes in Abaco and Grand Bahama, which have 70,000 residents and are known for their beautiful marinas, lush golf courses, and all-inclusive resorts have been completely destroyed. Officially the death toll is at 50, but that number is expected to rise with estimations being in the hundreds. It is reported that 1,500 people are still missing.

Numerous videos and photos of the utter and complete disaster circulated all over social media and on several news outlets. The Bahamas has since then received an outpouring of support from all over the world, including Jamaica. However, many Jamaicans seem to be quite upset with the attention that the Bahamas is getting from Jamaicans. Stating that if the shoe were on the other foot they would not be so quick to reach out to either support or help us. Persons have been stating that Jamaica has its own issues so we should not be wasting our time praying for the Bahamas.

In times like these though, when there is a natural disaster shouldn't persons focus on the situation at hand instead of thinking of past grievances. Do you think that Jamaica should or should not assist the Bahamas with relief efforts? Do you believe that they are undeserving of our prayers? Would you personally volunteer to assist?


It seems so many Caribbean countries hate one another. Why is this so? What is your opinion on this?

Share your thoughts on this issue with me in the comments below.

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Reply Lexy Mc
11:29 PM on September 19, 2019 
We need to help them as much as we can. It could have been us.
Reply Natanya
10:06 PM on September 19, 2019 
Of course they are deserving of our help. Many Jamaicans live and work there and they send back money to family that helps to build our economy. If we help them then we will be helping ourselves.
Reply Mr Readalot
9:57 PM on September 19, 2019 
They definitely need all the help they can get however i read something recently that stated that they are asking persons to get visa to come there to help. The very same thing they were complaining of when USA told them they need visa to come there.
Reply Abby
8:40 PM on September 19, 2019 
I am going to say a special prayer for them tonight. This is very sad.
Reply S. H
8:39 PM on September 19, 2019 
I would definitely donate to the cause
Reply Nadine
8:37 PM on September 19, 2019 
First of all jamaica cannot manage a hurricane not one bit. If one comes right now we done fah
Reply Nick
8:36 PM on September 19, 2019 
I would volunteer to help
Reply Kayla
8:36 PM on September 19, 2019 
This is so sad. I will keep them in my prayers.
Reply Jeng
7:42 PM on September 19, 2019 
Karma is a bitch. Those people that think only of themselves gonna see what happens when disaster comes their way.
Reply Grace
7:30 PM on September 19, 2019 
my blood ran cold watching some of the videos. it was so sad. the complete devastation. really a disaster
Reply Lacky
7:30 PM on September 19, 2019 
This breaks my heart. That is why God is making himself shown. Too many evil selfish people.
Reply TJ
7:24 PM on September 19, 2019 
its really sad and messed up that people think that way
Reply Tequilla
7:21 PM on September 19, 2019 
I am glad they are receiving help. Hopefully all the missing persons will be found alive.
Reply Shawna
7:20 PM on September 19, 2019 
I know of us and trinidad not getting along but i had no idea that we and bahamas have issues
Reply Ramon
7:20 PM on September 19, 2019 
Such a tragedy
Reply Ms Kitty
7:19 PM on September 19, 2019 
WOW smh
Reply Lorna
7:03 PM on September 19, 2019 
some people are so wicked and evil, to say they are not deserving of prayers you have to be really heartless
Reply Sabrina
7:03 PM on September 19, 2019 
this country went through the worst, they deserve all the help they can get
Reply K
7:03 PM on September 19, 2019 
I agree completely. We all need to come together. One Caribbean.
Reply Tami
7:03 PM on September 19, 2019 
they wouldnt care about us one bit