Voter ID renewal exercise begins November 4

Posted by Vybz Queen on October 25, 2019 at 1:55 AM

As taken from The Jamaican Star:

Persons with voter ID cards that were issued before 2016 will have to visit Electoral Office of Jamaica offices to renew their cards. However, persons with cards issued between 2016 and 2019 do not have to visit an EOJ Office, as their cards will be reprinted and they will be notified when ready.

The renewal exercise will begin November 4.

The new identification cards will be the standard wallet-sized cards and will have a lifespan of at least 10 years. Theisea Allison, assistant director of elections in charge of information systems, said the new cards will be tamper-proof.

“Design and security of the new cards are comparable to the specification standards of a national identification card. The security features are designed within the artwork of the cards. Those features are resistant to counterfeit alterations and other photo substitutions,” Allison said.

"The preprinted cards will be produced by security printers overseas. What we will do in Jamaica is the personalisation, so your name and address will be added. These are cards that are similar to the cards used for the Canadian Permanent Residency and the United States [of America] Green Card. That’s the standard we use for these new cards,” she said.

The article ends here. 

I find this very interesting. This process had stopped to facilitate the new ID system that were introducing. So many people had an issue with its implementation stating that it was the mark of the beast and a violation of privacy. We have yet to see them roll it out but this is great news for many Jamaicans. It is uncertain if it has been delayed indefinitely or if it is still on the fast track to becoming a real thing. 

But it is a huge positive that persons can now renew their Voter IDs. It is also pretty nice that we can expect huge upgrades that are more aligned with first world countries. The lifespan of the card is also a nice touch. 10 years is a reasonable amount of time. It has not been made public the cost of the design and security upgrades but I am sure it cost quite a great deal, however, it is a good investment for the growth of Jamaica. We are on the path to becoming a more stable economic countryand I am hoping that one day in the not too far off future I can see Jamaica reach first world status. 

What do you think of the new cards and whole situation with the new ID system? Share with me in the comments below. 

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Reply Nick
9:50 PM on October 31, 2019 
at least we dont have to concern ourselves with getting a new card for the next ten years
Reply K
9:28 PM on October 31, 2019 
it better they did just make new cards for everyone than a try call people to come in. that not go work at all
Reply Kayla
8:58 PM on October 31, 2019 
Most people use the card soley for identification purposes and not for voting. That speaks volumes about the country.
Reply Lexy Mc
7:53 PM on October 31, 2019 
I am all for this. Step in the right direction
Reply shae
7:47 PM on October 31, 2019 
I am excited that I can get a new card because my current card is in a bad state and the picture never look good at all.
Reply Grace
6:41 PM on October 31, 2019 
I feel concerned for the welfare of this country. It will get worse and worse
Reply Tequilla
6:21 PM on October 31, 2019 
Good article, I like that I can now get my card renewed. Hopefully we can take new photos for it as well.
Reply S. H
6:20 PM on October 31, 2019 
So they wasted time and energy scaring the public about the new id system and for what?? to continue with what was already in plce and working well
Reply Tami
6:18 PM on October 31, 2019 
I just hope we dont take out a loan to fund this entire process. We too damn licky licky
Reply Lacky
6:17 PM on October 31, 2019 
Can Jamaica afford something like that. It must cost an arm and a leg for those types of upgrades
Reply Shawna
3:17 PM on October 31, 2019 
We will be notified? Smh I can bet that not go work out as planned. When since Jamaica have a proper up to date system that they can really reach out to people and tell them that their new card is ready.
Reply lorna
3:16 PM on October 31, 2019 
Wow very nice upgrades. A long time we fi step up and get better things. We always deh behind on everything.
Reply Ray
1:04 PM on October 31, 2019 
This information is happily welcomed. I look forward to getting my new card.
Reply Nadine
11:07 PM on October 30, 2019 
finally! smh i was wondering how long Id have to carry around the expired card and god knows I was not the least bit interested in getting that stupid new id thing they were coming in with
Reply Mr Readalot
10:44 PM on October 30, 2019 
We could have continued on with what we have now. Makes no difference.
Reply Jeng
10:37 PM on October 30, 2019 
Mark of the beast yes... that's why it nuh work cuz we nuh inna dem tings deh
Reply Ramon
10:37 PM on October 30, 2019 
more and more when I read the news I can tell that the country's future looks bleaky cuz they not gonna stop coming in with this and that thinking theyre mking the country better
Reply TJ
10:18 PM on October 30, 2019 
to this day I have never applied for a voter card cuz im not voting for a soul in no election. None of them mean the country any good.
Reply Ms Kitty
10:17 PM on October 30, 2019 
I was not a fan of the new system at all. It was not necessary and it seems the government finally realized and put an end to it. It was scaring a lot of people.
Reply Sabrina
10:10 PM on October 30, 2019 
Jamaica is always taking up what they cannot manage which is why we are in such a dire financial state. Why did we need a new ID system to begin with and why did the new cards need to get done overseas? We need to start holding the government accountable for destroying the country.